Poor infrastructure to get to Rural areas keep villages  under a constant elusive quest for growth

Maduda, a mission school that has educated thousands!

Let's grow vegetables even in the dry season

Singini, the resting place of the first president of CONGO

Christian Community Development Network

Kuimba rural Hospital

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Tsanga Nord, a city full of potentials, but ...

KASA-VUBU remembered

With this in their backyard, Do they really live under $1 a day?

Even the cultural symbols are dying out! Not replaced

CCDN welcomes friends - July 2016

Maduda, downtown

 Who will bring hope to such a vital institution?

wraping up Ladies Bible study

Kinshasa, Former victims of violence, now learning trade

Former dwellings of christian missionaries can be renovated.

Cities in survival mode

Drip irrigation system training

Drip irrigation kit deployed

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