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      We maintain our representation in the United States of America and a few other places; however our strong focus is            our work in the communities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo -- DRC, both in the capital city of                              Kinshasa and the rural areas west of the capital city.
      Regardless of where you are, if you sense a calling to join our effort, feel free to reach us at the email addresses here            below. We will suggest to you a few alternatives of activities in which you might want to get involved. 
     Our USA Support office
     464 E. Paletown Road
     Quakertown, PA 18951

     Write to

       Our Office in Kinshasa, DR CONGO

       Sur la Route by-pass à coté du bureau de la Police; Entre triangle cité verte et l'arrêt Auto-stop

                                            We invite you to CONTRIBUTE to OUR WORK

            We welcome your contributions to our work; whether you choose to join our annual Summer work programs in                  the DR CONGO or send us your financial contribution. To participate in our Summer programs, please send us a               message via email.  To contribute financially, please make your check payable to TRAWIN INTERNATIONAL  and              mail  it to 1809 Koda Court; Moscow, IDAHO 83843.  Make sure to mention "support for CCDN". 

                                        For further inquiry please email ---->
                                                     (Christian Community Development Network).

                                                                          Thank you for your participation in our mission.