UKV graduates -- class of 2017


UKV campus

In order to meet our objectives and actually get things done within the  communities that we serve, partnerships with local organizations are vital and  without them our efforts are like a drop in the bucket.  Every year CCDN targets a sector or two;   then, we implement viable programs to help advance the assigned objectives or simply serves as a bridge for channeling resources to a designated partner organization. 

John Masiala

City of BOMA, DRC.


John Masiala is a registered professional Engineer in the province of Alberta, Canada. He holds a Ph.D in power Electronics from the University of Alberta, a Master of applied science from the University of Moncton and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Technology from St Petersburg Technical University  in Russia.  He has many years of experience in the field of electrical engineering & management both in the USA and Canada. He has volunteered to contribute to the training of  the most underserved yet knowledge-hungry students of UKV. His willingness to invest in the youth in DR Congo goes back a few years only to materialize this year due to the roadblocks along the path which we, at CCDN could only expect  and eventually circumvent.  
DR. John Masiala is expected in Boma for in-person classes in early May 2024. We at CCDN as well as the staff at the Kasa-Vubu University (UKV) are blessed to have him on board.

Seminar on Renewable Energy 2017

This year 2024, our partners in Education at the regional UNIVERSITÉ JOSEPH KASA-VUBU  also know as UKV in Boma, Kongo Central are very pleased to welcome Dr. John M. Masiala, Ph.D of Vancouver, Canada  to teach a number of courses for the benefit of students of the polytechnics branch of this educational institution who have longed for qualified instructors in their field of study.